Moodle Files of Metal and Woodwork Tests

Moodle is a well known Learning Management System (LMS). Simply download the files as lessons and install them on your Moodle site or SCORM Complient LMS such as CANVAS or BLACKBOARD.

They will Auto Mark and store results automatically.

Set up your own tests on your school Moodle site. If your NSW school uses Sentral, it has a Moodle server up and running. With 2 -3 mouse clicks you can have the tests set up and linked to your classes! If they know their internet password they can use the site. Easy!

Step 1. Download Files

Step 2. Unzip main files to individual Zipped Tests

Step 3. Follow the video Instructions below. 3 easy clicks.

Other schools with Moodle can also just follow the video or written instructions below. 

Woodwork Safety Tests - Moodle and Scorm Files

Metalwork Safety Tests - Moodle and Scorm Files

Written Instructions for Moodle Compatible Files (& ALL SCORM COMPLIANT LMS)

Video install instructions for Moodle.

Moodle Download