The reason for this site is simple. I am a high school teacher who has struggled with both the legislative and practical aspects of teaching a possibly dangerous discipline. 

My area and passion  is woodwork.  Students could be injured and unless a teacher can prove explicitly that they have given explicit safety direction he or she may be on their own and the mercies of the legal system. 

That being said I have tried to create material that will both educate students and allow teachers to easily store, print the results of the online tests for marking or in the case of legal action prove that proper instruction was given. I have tried to do this as simply as possible, with no logins required to do the tests and no associated costs. It is your choice whether to protect yourself by using these tests. 

It seeks to be explicit in safety instruction and elicit specific agreement from the student that they understand the content. Everything on this site is to be used alongside your own professional, trained judgement. These tests do not replace proper instruction, equipment maintenance  and supervision.  Remember, you are the teacher.

I have made every attempt to be accurate in the safety content and any errors pointed out will be gratefully corrected. Just contact me.

As teachers we have the collective experience and wisdom to make a resource that will make our lives a lot easier and happier.

Feel free to suggest changes, additions or give content contributions.