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Widening Joints and Timber Defects Worksheets!

1/04/22 Update
New metalwork projects! 
Backyard Cricket Stumps 
Sheet metal Fish De-Scaler
Woodwork Tools Booklet with assessment Coda in Woodwork Unit Section
Timber sizing / Lineal Meter Explained with Exercises in Worksheet section
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New Safety Tests Available Contributed by Nick Collins in Google Quiz Format Section...Thanks Nick 

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The Router
The Drop Saw
The Wood Lathe
The Track Saw
The Band Saw

VIP Section Updated with new content 8/03/22

Woodwork Interactive Lessons
Tools for Boring Holes
Adhesives Lesson with Worksheets

10 New Metal Work Projects
UPDATE- A broom Bracket VET Metals Unit
2 new Timber Examinations
2 new Metals Examinations
Can Crusher Plan
Camp Pig BBQ Project Book

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Latest Update
3D printing Work Unit
Wooden Tool Carry with Research and Integrated Safety
Are you into 3D Printing? Here is a fantastic Year 7 3D printing project which includes design and research questions. A great introduction to 3D printing design. The author uses Autocad. If you don't know Autocad, it can be easily substituded with Sketchup.  
Great Wooden Tool Carry Assignment. Great Starter Project for Year 9.

Metal Work Plans Added! and MORE
Custom Gear Stick Knob
Motorcycle Stand
Macadamia Nut cracker
Cantilever Tool Box

Interactive Safety Tests

These comprehensive Woodwork and Metalwork safety tests are interactive and self-marking. You can do them online and then get the students to print out the results or print an electronic .pdf file for storage in the event of an injury or litigation.

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Sometimes paper is best. PDF and Word versions of the tests are available for download and can be printed.

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Maybe your student doesn't have the Internet. Download the tests in a portable format that will run off a memory stick, hard drive or Network location. 

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